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15 February 23

COVID-19 Press Releases

Database of all press releases concerning COVID-19
15 February 23

Canceling the Mandatory of Wearing a Mask in Medical and Health Institutions, and in Social Services Facilities, as Well as the Mandatory of Performing a COVID Test Before Visiting Nursing Homes and Social Services Facilities

Starting from February 16th 2023 at midnight (between Wednesday and Thursday), the mandatory to wear a mask in medical institutions, health institutions, nursing homes and social services facilities, is canceled. In addition, the mandatory to perform a COVID test before visiting nursing homes and social services facilities is canceled.
18 January 23

Starting from Wednesday (18.1.23) PCR tests can be taken only at HMOs and Ben Gurion Airport

Information on the HMOs location and hours of operation can be found on the website of each HMO, as well as at the service centers of HMOs and on the website of the Ministry of Health.