COVID-19 Daily Routine

Have you arrived from abroad? Have you had contact with a confirmed case? Would you like to know whether you can open your business? Find here updated clear information!

What is a Green Pass?

The Green Pass is an entry permit to places or facilities for recovered coronavirus patients and vaccinated people.

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What is a Vaccination Certificate?

A vaccination certificate is given to people who receive a second dose and will take effect one week after for six months. People who have the certificate are exempt of isolation, so it is recommended that you have it before international travel.

What is a vaccination certificate?

Now more than ever, we maintain a healthy COVID-19 daily routine

Physical and mental well-being is crucial to keep a healthy COVID-19 daily routine. It is important to have a healthy diet, do physical exercises and activities to relax

Time for a Healthy Diet

Nutrition has an effect on health that plays a major role during the coronavirus pandemic. Obesity, diabetes, and nutritional deficiencies compromise the body's immune ability and are linked with complications and death from coronavirus disease.

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Physical Activity

Physical activity improves our health, maintains and reinforces our muscles and bones, improves our mood, and helps relieve stress. Whether done at home during isolation or outdoors, it is important to make use of the benefits of physical exercise.

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Coping and a Healthy Routine

During these times of personal and national coping with coronavirus, it is very important to maintain physical and mental health. It is recommended that we look at this situation as an opportunity to take care of ourselves, relax and rest, eat healthily, smokeless, exercise more, and enrich ourselves with new knowledge.

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Minimizing Screen Times

The coronavirus pandemic has ushered in extended periods of staying at home, very few outings, and a severe lack of interpersonal communication. Under such circumstances, screens quickly become tools for alleviating boredom. Now, more than ever, it is important to learn how to handle them as part of a healthier routine.

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