Nobody likes isolating but in certain cases this is the only way to protect those dearest to you and to avoid infecting others

Who Must Go into Isolation

Home isolation guidance

Disputing an isolation order

If you were ordered to isolate and in your opinion this order is unjustified, you may dispute the isolate order through the Ministry of Health's hotline at *5400. You are required to stay in isolation until receiving an your response.

The appearance of symptoms during isolation

If, during isolation, symptoms consistent with COVID-19 appear, or if existing symptoms worsen, you may seek help from your primary care physician over the phone or contact the hotline of your insuring HMO.
Do not arrive in the HMO clinic or the emergency room unless this is an urgent medical emergency. Then, you must be evacuated to the emergency room by a Magen David Adom ambulance. During the dispatch call, you are required to disclose that the person who requires evacuation is a person currently in isolation.

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