A COVID certificate is used when leaving Israel and is valid in member states of the European Union and some other countries. It is issued by the Ministry of Health and HMOs.

Who is Eligible for a COVID Certificate

  • Someone who has received at least 2 vaccines (even if over half year has passed since the 2nd vaccine).
  • Someone who has received a certificate of recovery.
  • Someone who has received a positive result from a serological test, and were not vaccinated prior to testing.

*If you received only one vaccine and afterwards a positive result from a serological test, you are not eligible for a COVID certificate. (Antibodies from one vaccine are not as effective as at least 2 vaccines or recovery).

The certificate will only be issued after test results (PCR or positive serological) are automatically updated in the Ministry of Health system. The automatic update may take up to one day from the time the result is received.

Until when is the certificate valid?

Certificates issued after 6.10.2021 do not have an expiration date.

Note: COVID certificates are used for entry to other countries which may determine the validity according to their own regulations. It is recommended to check a country’s official information site for information regarding validity of certificates.

COVID certificate

תעודות קורונה

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