Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Reading the terms of use below an agreeing to them is a prerequisite for using the site. By clicking "I agree," the user declares that he or she has read the terms of use for this site, understood them, and agrees to these terms.


The State of Israel, through the Ministry of Health (henceforth: "the Ministry of Health," offers the use of this Traffic Light website (henceforth: "the website") subject to the following terms (henceforth: "the terms of use") and the privacy policy. The Ministry of Health may request to change the terms of use and/or the privacy policy. Should you not agree to this change, you will be able to stop using the website.

The term "user" below indicates any individual who chose to browse the website and make use of it.

It is forbidden to misuse the website and the services as stipulated below. The user may only use the website and the services as permitted by law. The Ministry may suspend or terminate access to the website and/or to the services for users who fail to comply with the terms of use or a part thereof, or should the Ministry of Health or any other authorized agency investigates suspicions for behaviors that violate of the law or the terms of use while using the website.

Nature of Service

The website allows the user to take the following actions for coping with coronavirus (henceforth: "the services"):

  1. Receive information about the Ministry of Health's effective guidance according to the locations chosen by the user and/or the locations where the user has been located, in accordance with the City Traffic Light model, which defines the guidance applicable to each locality according to the infection rate at that locality. The guidance is presented to the user according to interests/areas of daily life activities defined by the website and selected by the user.
  2. Receive daily updates on the number of people who have been vaccinated for coronavirus in Israel, as communicated to the public by the Ministry of Health.
  3. Request Coronavirus Certificates via the website (according to available user information)


The information made accessible through the website is presented as a public service. The Ministry shall make efforts to ensure the optimal consistency between the legal directives and the information presented by the website. However, inasmuch as contradictions or discrepancies between the information presented by the website and an official Ministry of Health guidance that was published in the Ministry's website, or between the information presented by the website and the provisions of the law, regulations, or effective procedures – the wording of the official guidance/the law, etc. prevails.

By clicking "Agree," I hereby give my consent and authorization to the Ministry of Health to make use of my personal contact information (including my mobile phone number and similar demographic details) that I provided to my insuring HMO in order to verify my identity against the details that I entered in this website and send a one-time password. I am aware that in order for the verification process to be successful, the details that I enter in the website must be identical to my identification details that I have provided my HMO with. I understand and agree that by giving my approval as mentioned above, the website will be granted access to relevant information about me for purposes of having Coronavirus  Certificates issued. I hereby authorize the HMO to confirm on my behalf that I am on the register of insured members who have recovered from coronavirus or completed their full vaccination process for coronavirus. I further authorize the HMO to forward the relevant demographic details for purposes of verifying my identity, including my I.D. number, first name, last name, and phone number entered in to the HMO's computer system (henceforth: "the details to be forwarded") I agree to all of the above for anyone whose verification process with the HMO is based on my phone number (such as minor children).

Information Use

The personal details through which the user signs up for the issuance of certificates are not forwarded to the Ministry of Health or any other users or organizations. De-identified statistical information about the user's preferences will allow the Ministry of Health to examine the website's effectiveness and improve the service. Information forwarding and use will be done in accordance with the privacy policy.

Liability and Responsibility Limitations

The Ministry of Health provides the website "as is." The Ministry of Health shall not be liable for any and all damages and losses resulting, whether directly or indirectly, from using the website in violation of the guidelines, or relying on the information presented by the website in violation of the terms of use, or resulting from the inability to use the website, fully or partially, due to technical limitations or other limitations, or from any other reason which is not directly connected with the website's proper functionality.

The Ministry of Health shall do all in its power to keep the service and the website available and stable and to maintain adequate information security in accordance with the nature of the information. However, due to the emergency circumstances, it is hereby clarified to the user that the Ministry of Health cannot guarantee the service's availability and provision in an uninterrupted fashion or without any errors or glitches. The Ministry undertakes to take action to repair any fault, deficiency or failing as soon as possible upon detecting them. However, the Ministry of Health shall not be liable for damages resulting, either directly or indirectly, from functionality issues either in the website or from using the website in violation of the terms of use.

The data presented on the website are based on the data received from the user's insuring HMO. Therefore, the Ministry of Health shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the information received from the user's insuring HMO. The user hereby declares and approves that he or she will have no reliance claim and/or any other claim against the Ministry of Health stemming from the use of the website and that he or she will only use the website in accordance with the terms of use and the privacy policy, all the while understanding its limitations. The user will have no grievances about the use that the Ministry of Health makes in the statistical information forwarded to the Ministry of Health. By agreeing to these terms, the user waives any and all grievances against the HMO for any information about the user that was forwarded by the HMO to the Ministry of Health in accordance with the provisions of the terms of use and the privacy policy.

For purposes of this article, the "Ministry of Health" is meant to include the Ministry, its employees, its representatives, and service providers on its behalf.
"The HMO" is meant to include the HMO itself, its employees, its representatives, and service providers on its behalf.

Changes to the Website

The Ministry of Health reserves the exclusive right to completely remove the website and/or to restrict user options and/or to change the website's interface or appearance from time to time.
The user shall have no grievances, claims, or demands towards the Ministry of Health for making any changes to the website.

Restrictions on the Use of the Website

Use of the services, contents, and information contained in the website is only permitted for personal and private purposes. Without prejudice to any of the above, any misuse of the website or any action for disrupting the website's functionality is strictly forbidden.
It is forbidden to use the website's symbol for any purpose which is not directly associated with the website. Misuse of the symbol may be an offense in accordance with Article 5 of the Symbol Protection Law, 5735-1974.