Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Who developed the Traffic Light website?

The Traffic Light website was developed by the Ministry of Health.

What does the website do actually?

The website allows you to take the following actions for coping with coronavirus:

  • Receive information about the Ministry of Health's effective guidance for the localities of your choice.
    Once every pre-determined period of time (currently, daily) the website will be updated through the Ministry of Health's cloud server with the file containing the list of localities in Israel and the information pertaining to each locality's designation according to the Traffic Light model.
  • Receive information about the number of people who been vaccinated in Israel on a daily basis, as communicated to the public by the Ministry of Health. This information will be sent by the Ministry of Health's cloud server.
  • It should be stressed: By clicking "Agree" I hereby give my consent to the Ministry of Health to make use of my personal contact information (in particular my mobile phone number and additional demographic details) that I provided to my insuring HMO, in order to verify my identity against the details that I entered in this website and send a one-time password. I am aware that in order for the verification process to be successful, the details that I enter in the website must be identical to my identification details that I have provided my HMO with. I understand and agree that by giving my above-mentioned approval, the website will be granted access to relevant information about me for purposes of issuing a vaccination or recovery certificate. I hereby authorize the HMO to confirm on my behalf that I am on the register of insured members who have recovered from coronavirus or completed their full vaccination process for coronavirus or that I have taken a serological test and I have natural immunity. I further authorize the HMO to forward the relevant demographic details for purposes of verifying my identity, including my I.D. number, first name, last name, and phone numbered entered into the HMO's computer system (henceforth: "the details to be forwarded") I agree to all of the above for anyone whose verification process with the HMO is based on my phone number (such as minor children).

What kind of information about me is stored in the website and for how long?

No information is stored in the website.

Where do the information files about the Ministry of Health's guidance pass before reaching me?

  • Information about the Ministry of Health's guidance and the Purple Badge requirements for businesses are transferred from the Ministry of Health to the Ministry's task-specific cloud server at Microsoft Azure interface (the cloud service operated by Microsoft) through a secured virtual safe (CyberArk).
  • The Ministry of Health's communication with Azure is carried out by ExpressRoute services, through task-specific communication lines (and not through the internet).
  • Once in the cloud, the files are stored using Blob Storage service, from which the application downloads them.
  • Cloud information security and cloud communication services have been approved by the information security experts of all the parties involved.

How are the Coronavirus Certificates issued?

Where does information about coronavirus test results and/or about the user's recovery from coronavirus come from? How could it be authenticated?

• COVID certificates are issued at the user's request and subject to his or her agreement.
• In order to have a COVID certificates issued, the website authenticates the user's identity by comparing his or her contact details as entered (subject to the user's agreement to the terms of use) with the contact details registered with his or her insuring HMO. By agreeing to the terms of use, the insuring HMO forwards the user's personal information, as defined above, to the Ministry of Health's website. If this information was not forwarded by the HMO to the Ministry of Health, the website will not allow the user to have a certificate issued.
• Once the website confirms that the contact details are the same and that the user is eligible to have a COVID certificate issued, a text message will be sent to the user's mobile phone with a one-time password in order to confirm the user's identity.
• Having confirmed the user's identity, and subject to his or her agreement to the terms of use, the website will be granted access to the following personal information from the user's identity number and to additional identity numbers associated with his or her phone number (for example, children from the same household) in his or her insuring HMO; Recovery from coronavirus disease.
• Reception of a COVID certificate is subject to the Ministry of Health's definitions, as updated from time to time and the government's resolutions.

Other applications monitor website use. Do you do that as well?

We do not gather information about your use of other applications, your web traffic or internet browsing, except for anonymous statistical information about your use of the website.

Why does the Ministry of Health require statistical information about user settings and how does it use it?

  • The Ministry of Health shall only use statistical information subject to your agreement to the terms of use and this privacy policy.
  • The information that will be shared with the Ministry of Health shall not include any details which could potentially identify the user and shall not be forwarded to any third parties.

Should I do something to protect the privacy of my information?

Physically protect your identification details.

Which security checks did the website pass?

The Ministry of Health greatly emphasizes information secrecy and privacy. Accordingly, the website was tested by the Ministry of Health's Cyber and Information Security Unit. Security tests included architectural inspection, code scanning as well as PT (penetration tests). We are convinced that the website is sufficiently safe for use, properly protected from attacks and disruptions and capable of providing users with services according to its stated goals.
The Ministry of Health takes ongoing maintenance actions to the system's information security and privacy protection measures and updates them as necessary.

How shall we act in case of an information security incident?

Despite investing our best efforts, professional experience and controls, no system in the world is completely secured. Therefore, we undertake to inform website users of information security incidents that affect them, so that they can take necessary precautions.