Entry Statement

You need to fill out and submit the form within 48 hours before the flight, the earlier the better. Without a complete form, you will not be allowed to board the flight or and border control will not let you through. If you have already arrived in Israel but recovered or been vaccinated abroad, you can request a Green Pass here.

  • Personal Information

    You can also fill out this form on behalf of your spouse or children who have visited the same countries as you have in the last 14 days

  • Itinerary

    The criteria for entering isolation upon arrival in Israel are generally based on the countries that you have visited in the last 14 days

  • Upon Arrival in Israel

    At the end of the entry process, your will receive instructions regarding mandatory testing and isolation upon arrival in Israel, which is based on your itinerary and health status (if you have been vaccinated or if you have recovered)


Arrival in Israel

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Personal information

Enter the details exactly as on your passport. You can add your spouse or children who have stayed abroad with you in the end.

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At the end of the entry process, your will receive instructions regarding mandatory testing and isolation upon arrival in Israel

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Arrival in Israel

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Health declaration

Select the statement that best suits your status and then check the declaration form

If a state is bound by an agreement, Israel can give an exemption from full isolation to people who have been vaccinated in that state.
A traveler arriving in Israel can receive an exemption from full isolation if the traveler complies with all of the following requirements:
1. The traveler arrives from a state bound by an agreement
2. The traveler has been vaccinated in a state bound by an agreement
3. Full vaccination in compliance with the vaccine manufacturer's instructions (one or two doses, depending on the instructions)
4. The traveler is fully vaccinated in accordance with Israel's protocol, i.e. six months have not passed since receiving the last dose, and at least 14 full days have passed since receiving the second dose (not counting the day of vaccine administration)
5. At least 21 days have passed between the first and the second dose

Do you have a COVID certificate?

If the certificate is verified, some isolation restrictions can be lifted

Upload COVID Certificate to check whether isolation is mandated.

Upload a PDF file of the certificate or scan the QR code and upload the scanned Jpeg file.

Vaccination or Recovery Information

Specify all vaccinations or recovery details

Add a dose of the vaccine

Add date of recovery

  1. I am not a confirmed COVID-19 case;
  2. I am not required to enter isolation for any reason;
  3. In the last 14 days:
    1. I have not shared the same setting with a person who must enter isolation (this is irrelevant if you are vaccinated or recovered);
    2. I have not displayed a COVID-19 related symptom; or my PCR test result is negative;
  4. I know that all travelers arriving in Israel must go into isolation: full isolation length is 14 days (it can be shortened to 7 days), or reduced isolation, until I receive a negative PCR test result on Day 3 after entry to Israel; More information on mandatory isolation
  5. I have stayed outside of Israel no more than 72 hours, or I have one of the certificates specified below and I commit to show one of them on arrival in the airport:
    1. A negative PCR test result taken no more than 72 hours before scheduled departure;
    2.  A negative COVID-19 antigen test taken no more than 24 hours before scheduled departure;
    3. A permission certified by the Exceptions Committee to board the flight without proof of a negative COVID-19 test result;
  6. If I, or the people traveling with me, must enter isolation, we will isolate in an accommodation at my disposal; More information on mandatory isolation
  7. I acknowledge that a false statement may be used as evidence against me in criminal proceedings;
  8. I hereby commit to not board a flight, if there is a change to one of the statements of this form.

I declare that all of the details that I have provided are true and I committed to not board the plane should any of details change

Confirm the declaration

I acknowledge that to enter isolation at home requires my consent to be tracked by electronic devices specified in this link (HE). While tracked, text or voice messages requiring me to provide my location will be sent. I have read the Terms of Use provided, and I acknowledge that if I do not accept these Terms, Israel Police will closely supervise the isolation accommodation. I agree to enter isolation tracked by electronic devices. This agreement is applicable to minors 14 years of age or older reported herein, who must enter isolation tracked by electronic devices.

Overview and adding travelers

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Itinerary overview

Passengers information overview

Add Traveler

You can add passengers that you had close contact with in the last 14 days or during your visit abroad in the same locations and days

Member of a tourist group

Almost done

Before completion, please provide your isolation address for the Ministry of Health's records

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Isolation Address

If you have entered the information of other travelers in this form and they intend to stay in different isolation addresses, enter each traveler's isolation address below

Check the passengers who will stay at a different address, and fill out the address of that place

Add Isolation Address

It is possible to add an isolation address for some passengers that must isolate

You're all set

Please find below the restrictions on arrival in Israel for each traveler. Details will be sent to the e-mail that you have provided

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