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14 June 22

COVID-19 Press Releases

Database of all press releases concerning COVID-19
14 June 22

Due to the Current Infection Rate – Recommendation to Wear Masks Indoors and Particularly in Gatherings

Wearing a mask limits community spread and protects at-risk populations and older adults
08 June 22

The ACEC Recommends: Indoor Masking, Especially in Gatherings

An additional (fifth) dose of the vaccine for COVID-19 is not recommended at the present time.
23 May 22

As of 23.5.22, Mandatory Isolation of Household Members or Caregivers of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases – Has Been Lifted

Confirmed COVID-19 cases are still required to enter isolation!
17 May 22

Mask Mandate on Board International Flights to Be Lifted on May 23, 2022

On May 23, 2022, at midnight, Israel time (between Sunday and Monday)
08 May 22

Testing Mandate at Ben Gurion International Airport to be Lifted on May 20th

Travelers arriving in Ben Gurion International Airport will no longer be required to take a PCR test effective 20.5.2022
27 April 22

Two Confirmed Cases of BA5 Variant Detected on Tests for Those Entering the Country

Furthermore, another case of BA4 variant was detected.
26 April 22

Three Cases of the BA4 Variant Have Been Detected over the Last Week

The variant is currently spreading in South Africa, creating a spike in infection rates in the country