Latest updates of restrictions

26 April 22

Three Cases of the BA4 Variant Have Been Detected over the Last Week

The variant is currently spreading in South Africa, creating a spike in infection rates in the country
20 April 22

Starting from April 23 at 20:00, the Mask Mandate Will Be Canceled

The mask mandate indoors will be canceled, with the exception of medical centers, nursing homes, flights and persons on their way to isolation
06 April 22

Fourth Vaccine Dose Increases Protection From Severe Illness by up to 3 Times Among Adults Aged 60 and Older

Compared to those vaccinated with only the third dose
28 March 22

Vaccine Guidelines for Those Arriving from Ukraine Due to The War

In order to preserve public health in Israel
12 March 22

Travel Test Costs to Reduce Soon

The Ministry of Health's Bids Committee has succeeded in lowering the price of travel tests
10 March 22

Starting from 11.3.2022 it Will Not Be Required to Test Before Arriving at School or Kindergarten

Starting from 11.3.2022, the "Learning and COVID Testing" Scheme will expire, and it will no longer be required to test or fill out a health declaration before arriving at the educational institutions.
25 February 22

Israeli Citizens Leaving the Ukraine and Arriving in Israel Are Exempt from Pre-Flight PCR and Antigen Tests, Even if They Transfer

The Ministry of Health clarifies that Israeli citizens leaving the Ukraine and arriving in Israel are exempt from pre-flight PCR and antigen tests, even if they transfer.
15 February 22

The Ministry of Health Has Instructed the HMOs to Vaccinate Immunosuppressed Individuals with AstraZeneca's Evusheld Vaccine

The vaccine will be administered regardless of previous recovery from COVID-19 or vaccination with previous doses of the vaccine against COVID-19