A COVID certificate is used to prove vaccination or recovery while abroad, and it is also valid in the EU and other countries

COVID Certificate FAQ

  • Can I travel abroad with my COVID certificate?

    It is not required to present a COVID certificate to leave Israel.

    An Israeli COVID certificate can be verified in the European Union as well as many other countries and can be used for entry to these countries and various places within them. However, each country has its own policy regarding entry permits. Therefore, before the flight, it is important to check the official websites of the destination to see if it allows holders of Israeli COVID certificates entry to its territories and admission to places within it.

    Verification of Israeli COVID certificates in these countries is done by scanning the QR code printed on them.

    Countries that can verify Israeli COVID certificates

    Generate a COVID certificate

  • I tried to get a certificate and received an error message ("Oops… something doesn't add up with your identification details"). What should I do?

    Contact your HMO and make sure that the identity document, phone number, and date of birth you entered in the certificate application form are identical to the details at your HMO.

    Military personnel must contact the adjutancy and make sure the details they entered in the certificate application form are identical to those at the adjutancy.

  • I received a message that I am not eligible for a certificate. What could the reason be?

    If you have been vaccinated, contact your HMO or the vaccination service and make sure the vaccination record was linked to your identity document number. Make sure you have your vaccination record at hand before calling.

    If you have recovered from COVID, contact your HMO and make sure all the details have been updated and forwarded to the Ministry of Health, including all required test results and certificates.

    If you already made sure that all results and details had been forwarded to the HMO's databases and the Ministry of Health, but you still receive a message that you are not eligible for a certificate, prepare all the test results and certificates specified above and call the Ministry of Health hotline at *5400 for further inquiry.

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