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COVID-19 Vaccine for Children

COVID-19 is a viral disease that may also affect children. Children infected with coronavirus will usually develop mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. However, even among these younger age groups, there is risk for a more severe illness and for long-term effects.
In order to prevent this, it has been resolved to vaccinated against COVID-19 also children aged 5 to 11.


The vaccine type and dose

The vaccine administered to children is by Pfizer.
The vaccine administered to children is identical to the one administered to adult, but it contains one third of the dosage that adults receive.
Children will receive 2 doses 21 days apart.

Teenagers aged 12 to 18: Will receive the Pfizer vaccine at the same dosage as adults. The vaccine will be administered in two doses spaced 21 days apart, and after at least five months they will receive the booster dose.


Who is eligible for vaccination?

Israeli citizens aged 5 and older can get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Even those who recovered from COVID-19 can get vaccinated if at least 3 months have passed since their date of recovery or the date of their positive result on a serologic test.


Where are children being vaccinated?

At this stage, vaccinations are administered in the HMO clinics. You should check with your HMO in what clnics the pediatric vaccine is administered and to make an appointment.

To the list of vaccinating HMO clinics

Furthermore, it was resolved to open vaccination compounds (for the Pfizer vaccine only) in malls throughout Israel serving anyone aged 5 and older, with no need for prior appointment, which will operate between 11:00-22:00. To check in which malls you can get vaccinated, check out the map of vaccination centers and in the "operator" selection choose "Ministry of Health".

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Frequently-asked-questions about the pediatric vaccine for COVID-19

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