What test to take and when, where are the tests administered, how long does it take for results to arrive and what is a serologic test?

Test Results

When and how are test results received?

In PCR tests, the sample is sent to the laboratory, and the result is received within 48 hours from the time of sampling (delays are to be expected due to the workload in the laboratories). Results are received through the HMOs and they can be viewed on the HMO's website or application or received through the HMOs' telephone hotline.

Authorized antigen tests do not require laboratory procedures and therefore allow for results to be received within 15 to 30 minutes, at the testing site. The result will usually be sent by text message to your mobile phone as well.

Updating the results in the Ministry of Health's systems

The Ministry of Health receives an automatic update on the results of the supervised tests:

Home antigen testing is not recorded in the Ministry of Health’s computer systems, and cannot be used to categorize an individual as recovered.

PCR test results

Result Significance Required Action
Positive Significant amount of coronavirus genetic material was found in the sample.

You need to go into isolation immediately. HMO representatives will contact you to provide you with additional explanation and guidance.

Further information for those who are required to stay in isolation

Further information for confirmed COVID-19 patients

Negative No coronavirus genetic material was found in the sample. However, it may be possible that in early infection stages the amount of the genetic material of the virus may be too small to allow for detection.



Small amount of coronavirus genetic material was found in the sample, likely due to one of the following reasons:
1. The test was administered at a very early stage of the development of the disease and it is expected that a repeat test will produce a positive result.
2. The test was administered at the recovery stage.
3. Poor quality of the test kit or the sample.

It is recommended to take a repeat test within 24 to 72 hours after the first test and to stay in isolation until the result is received (you are not required to self-report your isolation).

* Received result is only true for the time of testing. It is impossible to infer from it whether you've been previously infected with coronavirus.

Receiving a false result

COVID-19 tests of all types have a margin of error, and therefore it is possible to receive a wrong result (also called "false result" in medical terms).

  • False negative result – the result is negative even though the test subject is indeed infected with coronavirus. Most errors of this type occur when the test was administered in very early stages after infection, or at a stage before the onset of sample, or as a result of a low quality test kit or sample.
  • False positive result – the result is positive even though the test subject is not actually infected with coronavirus. The probability of a false positive result is exceedingly low.
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