What test to take and when, where are the tests administered, how long does it take for results to arrive and what is a serologic test?

How and Where can I get Tested?

How do I take a COVID-19 test?

PCR tests and antigen tests are administered in the same manner: By insertion of a sterile swab (a pick with a cotton wool tip) into the oral and nasal cavity in order to collect a sample. The sample collection process only takes a few seconds and does not hurt.


Where do I take the test?

PCR tests

  • Are administered in accordance with the Ministry of Health's guidance in HMO clinics and in Home Front Command compounds.
    Map of authorized testing sites
  • Those who are unable to arrive at the testing site due to medical issues – may ask their HMO for a protected staff to arrive in their place of residence to administer the test at home.
  • Those who do not have HMO insurance – should contact the Ministry of Health's hotline at *5400 and, if necessary, will be referred for testing in Bikurofe clinics.

Authorized antigen tests

These tests are administered at authorized sites across the country.
Map of authorized testing sites


How much do these tests cost?

PCR tests

  • PCR tests administered at testing sites by the HMOs and the Home Front Command: Free of charge.
  • PCR tests taken before leaving Israel (If traveling to a destination where such testing is required): privately funded.

Antigen tests

  • • Authorized antigen test administered at one of the authorized testing sites for those who received a positive home test result, or those arriving to “Magen Avot v'Imahot” facility (geriatric health and welfare facilities) during the first 24 hours: Free of charge.
  • Home antigen test kits: Paid service.
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