Updated info for entering and leaving Israel according to morbidity in Israel and international

Entry to Israel


Starting from Monday 15.5.23 at midnight (between Monday and Tuesday) - there are no longer COVID restrictions on entering Israel from abroad.
However, if you are a confirmed COVID case, it is recommended not to board a flight. If boarding is necessary, it is recommended to wear a mask during the flight.
Non-Israeli citizens must comply with Israel's general entry policy of the Population and Immigration Authority.

For instructions please see the Population and Immigration Authority website

Testing After Entering Israel

Anyone who feels sick within 10 days after arriving in Israel, is recommended to contact their HMO and take a COVID test, or test at a testing station, or by a remote authorized antigen home test.

Information regarding test types


Starting Monday 15.5.2023 at midnight (between Monday and Tuesday), isolation is no longer required for those who are a confirmed COVID-19 case (Israeli citizens and non-Israeli citizens).
At the same time, it should be remembered that this is a contagious disease which may mainly endanger those in risk groups. Therefore, it is important to act in a responsible manner, according to the recommendations for confirmed COVID cases.

Recommendations for confirmed COVID cases


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