Following the current surge of COVID-19, guidance for international travelers changes with global and domestic infection rates

Entry to Israel

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Please note: Anyone (of any age) who feels sick within 10 days after arriving in Israel are requested to take a PCR test. PCR tests, as opposed to antigen tests, can detect newly imported variants to Israel.

Who can take the test?

Those who present one of the following documents:

  • Flight ticket
  • Cruise ticket
  • Confirmation of Departing Passage Fee payment for crossing a land border within the past 20 days

People of the age 30 and over, can take a PCR test without presenting any documents.

Where can you get tested?

At the designated testing compounds or the HMOs.
Map of COVID-19 testing centers >
The tests are free of charge.

Before entering Israel

  1. Currently, there are no requirements of presenting a recovery or vaccination certificate or a negative COVID-19 test result in order to enter Israel. These are the standards set by the Israeli Ministry of Health, however, you should also check the instructions of the relevant airline or cruise line.
  2. If you are positive for COVID-19 and have not yet recovered in accordance with the Israeli protocol and the protocol of your origin country – do not board a plane or a cruise to Israel.
  3. Fill out the Israel Entry Form within 10 days before your flight or cruise to Israel, or before crossing a land border

    Fill out your personal information and details of those traveling with you, as well as information about the countries you have visited in the week before entering Israel.
    You must present the form confirmation before your flight or cruise to Israel, or before crossing a land border.
    Both a digital and a physical copy can be presented.
    The confirmation must be kept until after the crossing in the border control in Israel, and should be available for inspection if necessary.

Non-Israeli Citizens


Currently, there is no mandatory isolation upon entry to Israel.


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