Following the current surge of COVID-19, guidance for international travelers changes with global and domestic infection rates

Entry to Israel: Non-Israeli Citizens

Latest updates

  • Masks are no longer required on international flights.
  • It is not required to present a negative result on a COVID test before boarding a flight to Israel, a cruise to Israel or before arriving at an Israeli land border crossing.
  • The PCR testing mandate for those entering Israel at airports and maritime and land border crossings was lifted, and the isolation required until that test result was also canceled.
  •  Information on entering Israel by cruise >
  • Confirmed COVID cases will not be permitted to board a flight to Israel. If you were confirmed with COVID and have not yet recovered according to the required protocol in Israel and in the state from which the flight departs – do not board the flight.

    Before the flight to Israel

1. A health insurance policy with coverage for the treatment of COVID-19 is required.
The insurance policy is a mandatory to enter Israel.

This guidance does not apply to:

  • Temporary residents with an A/1, A/2, A/3, A/4, A/5 visa or a B/1 visa who receive medical insurance through their employer.
  • Those arriving from Ukraine (directly or with a transit flight) during the war.


2. Fill out the entry statement form in the 48 hours before the flight to Israel, and as early as possible.

  • Fill out your personal information and details of those traveling with you, a health statement, and information on vaccines administered or recovery.
  • Present an entry statement form confirmation:

Both a digital and a physical copy can be presented.

Keep the confirmation until after the crossing in the border control in Israel, and make it available for inspection if needed.


At the Airport and the Border Crossing

In the Israeli airport and border crossing random document inspections are conducted and travelers must meet the requirements of the Population and Immigration Authority.



Currently there is no legal requirement of isolation after entering Israel.

If a non-Israeli citizen contracts COVID while in Israel, they should follow the guidance for non-Israelis regarding isolation.

Further information about isolation for Non-Israelis >


Please note:

  • Non-Israeli citizens who will be confirmed as COVID-19 cases but will refuse to go into isolation will be counted as violating the requirements of isolation - may be denied entry to Israel for a period to be determined by the Population and Immigration Authority.


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