Nobody likes isolating but in certain cases this is the only way to protect those dearest to you and to avoid infecting others

Isolation for Non-Israeli Confirmed COVID Cases

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Who needs to isolate?

Those who received a positive COVID-19 test (a PCR or an authorized antigen test), must go into isolation and follow the isolation guidance for confirmed cases.

Isolation guidance for confirmed COVID-19 cases >


You are not required to report your isolation to the Ministry of Health.

Information and Certificate of Recovery

If you received a positive COVID test result – you may contact Kol Habriut call center at *5400 for guidance, and later for a certificate of recovery according to the Israeli protocol.

For information about receiving a certificate of recovery >

Isolation accommodation

Stay in isolation where you can follow the home isolation requirements. You can even stay in isolation in a hotel room if the guidance are followed.

Guidance for home isolation >

For further instructions please contact Ministry of Health Hotline at *5400.

Isolation for non-Israeli confirmed cases in a hotel

In addition to the guidance for residing in isolation at home, non-Israelis who have been verified for COVID-19 during their stay in Israel and who wish to remain in isolation in a hotel room should also apply the following guidance:

1. Notify the hotel

Upon receiving notification of the positive COVID result, inform the hotel management immediately, and ask to continue staying at the hotel during the isolation period until recovery, according to the Israeli protocol.

Who is considered recovered >

2. Isolation requirements

You should stay alone in a separate room. If there are several confirmed cases, you can share a room.

3. Leaving the room

During isolation, it is strictly forbidden to leave the room, except in medical emergencies with the knowledge of the relevant hotel staff. In any case, confirmed cases cannot use the common areas of the hotel.

4. People entering the room

Visitors to the confirmed case's room, as well as hotel cleaning staff, should not be allowed in.

5. Food supply

Food will be placed outside the confirmed cases room without any contact between the confirmed cases and those providing the food or clearing up afterwards. Use of disposable utensils is recommended.

6. Waste disposal

Garbage disposed of by the confirmed case must be contained in an airtight bag outside the room, and it must be collected.

7. Wear a mask

If the confirmed case opens the door of the room for any reason (bringing in food, removing utensils, removing garbage, etc.) he must wear a mask.


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