How to get the green pass, what places must comply with green pass restrictions, and current restrictions

How to Generate a Green Pass

Where can you get the Green Pass?

  • The Traffic Light website (the Pass can be printed)
  • The Traffic Light App (Google Play, App Store)
  • Self-service stations across the country (view the map)
  • The Ministry of Health Hotline at *5400
  • People with a kosher phone, a fax machine and an unblocked number: Via an interactive voice response system at 02-5082000
    This service has two stages:
    • Provide your I.D. or passport or visa number (the number with which you have identified yourself with when you got vaccinated or tested) as well as your date of birth
    • Answer a return call or a one-time verification code (to the number listed on your HMO record)
      If you are eligible for a Green Pass, you will need to enter a fax number and the Pass will be faxed back within a few hours.
      If you are not eligible for a Green Pass, the interactive voice response system will inform you accordingly and the call will end.
      Notice: The interactive voice response system is only available for callers from unblocked numbers.

The Ministry of Health is the only body authorized to issue a Green Pass. HMOs are not authorized to issue a Green Pass, only COVID certificates.

What personal information is required to get the Green Pass?

  • Identity document number
    If your HMO has your passport number or your visa number, enter them instead of the identity document number. It is not possible to request a Green Pass with your HMO member number.
  • Your mobile phone number - the one that your HMO has on record
  • Date of birth

Frequently asked questions about the Green Pass

Where is the Green Pass accepted?

The Green Pass is recognized within the jurisdiction of the State of Israel.
The Green Pass may not be used outside of Israel or for leaving Israel. Various certificates (COVID certificates, negative results on coronavirus tests, permission from the Exceptions Committee or several documents combined) might be required by other countries.

Further information on the certificates that must be presented when arriving in or leaving Israel

Guidance for business owners

The access guidance for businesses that must comply with the Green Pass restrictions is given on the Traffic Light website and the App.
Green Pass guidance for business owners
Instructions how to scan a Green Pass
FAQs about Getting a Green Pass

The new and old Green Passes

Green Pass


How to generate a daily Green Pass

Those who are neither vaccinated nor recovered and wish to enter places that comply with the Green Pass guidance could be eligible for a 24-hour Green Pass by taking a rapid test in one of the authorized sites.
If the rapid test was taken at the entrance to one of the places that comply with the Green Pass guidance (and not in one of the authorized sites), negative test result will only be used for entry to that specific place. It will not be used for issuing a daily Green Pass for purposes of entry to other places. The reason being that private testing systems do not communicate their test results to the Ministry of Health.
At the entrance to the place, you may either present the QR code of the test itself or convert it into a daily Green Pass by scanning to code to the Traffic Light application.

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