Following the current surge of COVID-19, guidance for international travelers changes with global and domestic infection rates

Isolation for Non Israeli Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Who needs to isolate?

Those who received a positive COVID-19 test – a PCR or an authorized antigen test – Must go into isolation for confirmed COVID-19 cases and follow the isolation guidance for confirmed cases.

Isolation Guidance for Confirmed COVID-19 Cases >


Self report

You are not required to report your isolation to the Ministry of Health.


Information and confirmation of recovery

If you receive a positive a COVID-19 test result – you can contact Kol Habriut call center at *5400 for guidance, and later to receive a recovery certificate according to the Israeli procedure.

Further information on receiving a recovery confirmation >


Isolation accommodation

Stay in isolation where you can follow the home isolation requirements. You can even stay in isolation in a hotel room if the guidance are followed.

For further information for Non Israeli confirmed COVID-19 cases regarding the place of isolation please contact the Tourism Ministry’s emergency call center, Tel. 050-6214239

Guidance for Home Isolation >


Hotel isolation of verified non-Israelis

In addition to the guidance for residing in isolation at home, non-Israelis who have been verified for COVID-19 during their stay in Israel and who wish to remain in isolation in a hotel room should also apply the following guidance:

  1. Inform the hotel
    Following receipt of notification of a positive COVID-19 result, the hotel management must be notified in an immediate manner and asked to continue to accommodate the guest during the isolation period, until recovery, as in the practice in Israel.
    Who are considered recovering >
  2. Conditions of isolation
    Stay in a separate room alone. Several verified guests can stay in the same room.
  3. Leaving the room
    During the isolation stay, visitors are strictly forbidden to leave the room, except when there is a medical emergency and the hotel staff is aware. All COVID-19 verified cases are not permitted to use the hotel’s common areas.
  4. People entering the room
    People, including visitors and hotel cleaners, are prohibited from entering the room of a verified COVID-19 case.
  5. Food supply
    Any food supplies will be placed outside of the verified person’s room, without making direct contact between the verified person and the person supplying the food or clearing the dishes at the end. Use of disposable utensils is recommended.
  6. Garbage disposal
    In a sealed bag, the confirmed case will dispose of any garbage in the room, and collection must be arranged.
  7. Wearing a mask
    Each time the confirmed case opens the door of the room, he must wear a mask (to insert or remove food, utensils, or trash).
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