What is a Green Pass?

The Green Pass is an entry permit to places or facilities for recovered coronavirus patients and vaccinated people.

All About the Green Pass


Who is eligible for a Green Pass, and what is the limitation of the Pass?

The Green Pass is personal, and is given to any person who is vaccinated for coronavirus, or people who recovered from coronavirus. No others are eligible for the Green Pass at this stage.

Each group has a different limitation on the Pass:

  • Vaccinated individuals: the Pass is valid for six months (similar to the vaccination certificate), effective the week after receiving the second dose for six months
  • Recovered coronavirus patients: the Pass is valid until 30.6.2021

Who else can get the Green Pass?

The pass is given for those who are eligible to receive it, according to the relevant group. Children younger than 16 years of age, who recovered, and therefore are also eligible for a Pass will be listed on the parents' Pass. The list of children and their parents relies on the Population Registry records. 

What is the jurisdiction of the Green Pass?

The jurisdiction of the Green Pass is the State of Israel, in line with the Ministry of Health policy; it will make certain services that require a Green Pass available.

Who issues the Green Pass, and what is the guidance?

Only the Ministry of Health is authorized to issue a Green Pass. A Green Pass cannot be issued by HMOs or workplaces.

Guidance for business owners regarding the entry of people with Green Passes will be determined in the next few days. The guidance for a certain business is determined by the relevant category, which is found both on this website and on the Traffic Light application.

The Green Pass guidance is in addition to the Purple Badge guidance.

How to apply for a Green Pass?

You can apply on this website, or the Traffic Light (Ramzor) App (Google Play, App Store), or the Ministry of Health Hotline at *5400.

Apply for a Green Pass over Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

People with a kosher phone or people who cannot apply for the pass via the Traffic Light website can apply via the interactive voice response at 02-5082000.

At this stage, callers will be required to undergo a two-stage identification process:

  • Providing identification details: identity number and date of birth. The system will verify these data.
  • The system will call you back (to your contact telephone number that you gave the HMO).

If you are eligible to get the pass, you will be required to enter a fax number in the callback, and the pass will be faxed to that number within a few hours. If you are not eligible for a pass – the interactive voice response will notify you accordingly and end the call.  

The service is available in the following languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic, and Russian

NOTE: Interactive voice response services are only available for known phone numbers

For your information:

  • The Green Pass does not apply to people who had rapid testing, including Sofia tests.
  • The vaccination certificate or the certificate of recovery can replace the Green Pass, but it is preferable.