What is a Green Pass?

The Green Pass is an entry permit to places or facilities for recovered coronavirus patients and vaccinated people.

All About the Green Pass


Who is eligible for a Green Pass, and what is the limitation of the Pass?

The Green Pass is issued to anyone who vaccinated for coronavirus, who recovered from coronavirus disease or, in the case of those younger than 16 years old, who tested negative in a coronavirus test. Children younger than one year old may also be admitted into establishments operating subject to the Green Pass requirements.

At this stage, no other population groups are eligible for a green pass.

Each group has a different limitation on the Pass:

  • Vaccinated individuals: the Pass is valid for six months (similar to the vaccination certificate), effective the week after receiving the second dose for six months
  • Serologically-confirmed recovered individuals: the Pass is valid through 30.6.2021.
  • Recovered individuals after the first vaccine dose: the Pass becomes effective a week after vaccination for six months.
  • Recovered individuals after two doses: the Pass is effective a week after vaccination for six months.
  • Individuals who tested negative for COVID-19 in a PCR (swab) test: the Pass becomes effective from the day that the negative test result was obtained for 72 hours max (for example, a Green Pass issued on the basis of a negative test result taken on Sunday at
  • 10:00 o'clock will be valid until Tuesday at midnight.
  • Tested individuals (younger than 16 years old) who tested negative for coronavirus (Swab test, PCR): From the time that test results are received until 72 hours have passed since the time of sampling, with extension until the end of the day when the Green Pass expire (for example: If the test was taken on Sunday at 10:00, the Green Pass shall remain effective until Wednesday at midnight.


It could take a while for the negative test to be processed by the Green Pass system; if it is not possible to issue the Green Pass after receiving a negative test result, try again a couple of hours later.

Who else can get the Green Pass?

The pass is given for those who are eligible to receive it, according to the relevant group. Children younger than 16 years of age, who recovered, and therefore are also eligible for a Pass will be listed on the parents' Pass. The list of children and their parents relies on the Population Registry records. 

What is the jurisdiction of the Green Pass?

The jurisdiction of the Green Pass is the State of Israel, in line with the Ministry of Health policy; it will make certain services that require a Green Pass available.

Who gives the Green Pass, and what is the guidance?

Only the Ministry of Health is authorized to issue a Green Pass. A Green Pass cannot be issued by HMOs or workplaces. Guidance for business owners regarding the entry of people with Green Passes is published on the Local Councils Traffic Light Model and the Traffic Light (Ramzor) App.

The Green Pass guidance is in addition to the Purple Badge guidance.

How to apply for a Green Pass?

The Green Pass is in Hebrew only. You can apply on this website, or the Traffic Light (Ramzor) App (Google Play, App Store), or the Ministry of Health Hotline at *5400.

Apply for a Green Pass over Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

People with a kosher phone or people who cannot apply for the pass via the Traffic Light website can apply via the interactive voice response at 02-5082000.

At this stage, callers will be required to undergo a two-stage identification process:

  • Providing identification details: identity number and date of birth. The system will verify these data.
  • The system will call you back (to your contact telephone number that you gave the HMO).

If you are eligible to get the pass, you will be required to enter a fax number in the callback, and the pass will be faxed to that number within a few hours. If you are not eligible for a pass – the interactive voice response will notify you accordingly and end the call.  

The service is available in the following languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic, and Russian

NOTE: Interactive voice response services are only available for known phone numbers

Issuing a Green Pass for a minor who tested negative in a coronavirus test: The Pass shall be issued through the parent's identity number and the phone number under which he or she is registered in the insuring HMO. if the child tested negative and therefore is eligible for a Green Pass, but the parent is not eligible for a Green Pass (as he or she is neither vaccinated nor recovered), the Green Pass shall only include the child and not the parent.

Public Reception in Establishments that Comply with the Green Pass Requirements

Upon entering an establishment that complies with Green Pass requirements, you must present your Green Pass and an identification document (I.D., driver's license, passport). If you present the Green Pass on the App: show the animated screen. The business can alternatively scan the QR code with a special feature on the Traffic Light App.

Another option is to print out the Green Pass and present it (it has a QR code).

Minors who have yet to have their identification document issued may present their parents' identification document (or a photocopy thereof), including the paper slip as well as the Green Pass (whether on the application or in a printed form).

Suppose you arrive in an establishment with a sign at the entrance that has a QR code on it. You can scan the code to see whether the establishment complies with Green Pass requirements and know what the permitted occupancy is.

Businesses complying with Green Pass requirements

You can enter businesses listed below, if you present a Green Pass. Every person needs a Green Pass. This list is updated from time to time according to Government Resolutions.

  • Gyms and studios
  • Swimming pools
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Hotels*
  • Stadiums, pitches, sporting events and venues
  • Theaters, cinemas and cultural venues
  • Cultural events
  • Exhibitions (outside of museums)
  • Event gardens
  • Attractions
  • Mikvehs for men

*For hotels only: Even minors who are not Green Pass holders may be admitted upon presenting negative coronavirus test results taken within 48 hours before arriving in the hotel.

All about the Green Pass and the App for businesses

For your information

  • The Green Pass does not apply to people who had rapid testing, including Sofia tests.
  • The vaccination certificate or the certificate of recovery can replace the Green Pass, but it is preferable.
  • FAQs about applying for documents

An example of a Green Pass