What is a Green Pass?

The Green Pass is an entry permit for those vaccinated or recovered. The Green Pass has been extended until 31.12.2021. To get the extended Pass, reapply.

All About the Green Pass


Who is eligible for a Green Pass, and what limits are there on the Pass?

  • Individuals who received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and after one full week (2 weeks for the Moderna vaccine) from the second dose – valid through 31.12.2021
  • Individuals who recovered from coronavirus – valid through 31.12.2021
  • Those who tested negative for COVID-19 (in a PCR swab test) – their Pass is valid for 72 hours from the time of testing and until the end of Pass's expiration day.
  • Those who tested negative for coronavirus (PCR swab test) – valid from the time that test results have been received and for a duration of 72 hours from the time of testing, extended until the end of the day when the Pass expires. For example: The test that was taken on Sunday at 10:00 – the pass will be valid until Wednesday at midnight.

Who is not eligible for a Green Pass?

  1. Confirmed patients (due to contact tracing or a positive PCR test result), even if vaccinated or recovered
  2. People in isolation


There may be some time gap between the time that you received your negative test results and the time that you can issue a Green Pass. If you were unable to have the Green Pass issued after testing negative – try again about two hours later.

Who else can get the Green Pass?

When parents are issued a Green Pass, children under 18 will be included in their pass. If the children are eligible for a Green Pass due to being in the status of vaccinated or recovered individuals or due to testing negative for coronavirus (PCR swab test) in the last 72 hours, they will be included in their parents' Green Pass.

What is the jurisdiction of the Green Pass?

The Pass only applies within Israeli territories, in accordance with the Ministry of Health's policy, allowing access to services and places that must comply with the Green Pass restrictions.
Further information on the Green Pass and businesses that comply with its restrictions (HE)

Who issues the Green Pass, and what is the guidance?

The only agency authorized to issue the Green Pass is the Ministry of Health. Neither HMOs nor employers may issue Green Passes. Guidance for business owners about admitting Green Pass holders will be published in the Traffic Light website and application under "Guidance according to areas of interest" in the Traffic Light Local Councils page.

What details are required to have the Green Pass issued?

Please make sure that the details that you enter in this form are the same as your updated details that you registered with your insuring HMO:
• Identification number
• Mobile phone number
• Date of birth
Anyone registered with the HMO through their passport or visa number instead of an identification document number will enter these numbers instead of the identification document number.

How to get a Green Pass?

The Green Pass is issued in Hebrew and it can be issued in one of the channels below:

If you do not have internet access, you can apply for a green pass via:

Issuing the Pass with the interactive voice response system

Holders of kosher phones or those who are unable to have the Pass issued on the application are welcome to use the interactive voice response system at 02-5082000.

To use this service, you are required to under a two-stage identification process:

  • Enter your identification details: Your identification number and date of birth. The system will verify your data.
  • The system will call you back (to your phone number that was registered with the HMO). 

If you will be found to be eligible for a Pass, you will be required to enter a fax number and the Pass will be sent to you within a few hours. If you will not bot found to be eligible for a Pass – the interactive voice response system will inform you accordingly and end the call. 

The service will be available in the following languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic and Russian.

Please note: The interactive voice response service will only be available for callers from non-unlisted numbers.

Issuing a Green Pass for a minor who tested negative for coronavirus: The Pass will be issued using the identification number and the phone number of the parent through which the minor is insured in the HMO. If the minor tested negative and is therefore eligible for a Green Pass, but the parent is not eligible for a Pass; the Green Pass shall only include the child and not the parent. 

Public reception in establishments that comply with the Green Pass requirements

Upon entering a place that complies with the Green Pass restrictions, you are required to present your Green Pass, along with identification (identification document, driver's license, passport). If presenting your Green Pass on the application: You are required to present the screen with the animation. The business has the option to scan your Green Pass code using a task-specific feature for businesses in the Traffic Light application. 

Another option is to print the Green Pass and present it, including the QR code.

Minors who do not have an identification document yet may present their parent's identification document (or a photocopy thereof), including the slip, and their Green Pass (either on the application or in printed form). 


An example of a Green Pass