Traffic Light App for Businesses

All about the Green Pass for business owners

The Green Pass for businesses

The Green Pass let business owners know how to manage their business in accordance with health requirements and how to screen customers who come into the business.

Screening customers before entry

A business that complies with Green Pass requirements checks the Green Passes of your customers before they go into the business. Customers must present the Green Pass screen (the animated screen) on the Traffic Light App on their mobile devices together with identification documents.

It is also possible to scan the Green Pass code with the App installed on the business's mobile device. You are required to verify the customer's identity with identification documents, too.

Customers can also present a printed Green Pass (with a QR code).


One-year olds or younger can enter places that comply with Green Pass requirements.

How business owners can use the Traffic Light App to check the Green Pass of customers

After downloading the App, you can press on the scanner option on the homepage. You can now scan the code of a customer that is found on the App homepage on the customer's device.

After you scan the customer's code – two pieces of information will be displayed:

  1. I.D. number
  2. expiration date

Ask to see the customer's I.D. to verify his or her identity.


Taking a photo of the screen with the customer's information is prohibited.


It is not possible to scan passes issued before February 21. You need to reapply for a new pass.

The features of the Traffic Light App for businesses

To use the App in your business, first register your business in the App. It is a short and simple process (detailed below). Note that the registration is saved on the device only and is not shared with other users.

By registering your business, the following features will become available:

  • The permitted occupancy will be calculated (according to business premises in square meters and type)
  • You will receive Green Pass requirements that are relevant to your business
    • The signs that should be placed at the entrance
    • Customer identification upon entry (presenting the Green Pass with identification documents)
    • Advanced reservation requirements
  • You will receive Purple Badge restrictions relevant to your business. Please note: the most important restrictions will be shown. To view all restrictions, open the link to the Purple Badge guidance.
  • You can get a QR code for your business that you can print out and place in a prominent position in your business. If customers scan this code, they will be informed that the business you are operating complies with Green Pass requirements and what the requirements on gathering in your business are.
  • You can scan your customers' Green Passes

Registering your business on the Traffic Light App

First, download the App to the mobile device of the business owner. Business owners and customers can download the App in the same manner. Further information on how to download the Traffic Light App.

  • Select the option to register your business and fill out the details.
    add business
  • Enter the information about your business and its maximum capacity.
    At this stage, the App calculates the permitted number of people that can occupy your business (either indoors, outdoors or both) in accordance with restrictions and Green Pass requirements. If your business must comply with Green Pass requirements, the system automatically detects this and classifies your business accordingly.
  • Business owners can now read the Green Pass requirements and Purple Badge restrictions and immediately receive a QR code that can be shared by e-mail or WhatsApp; or you can print it out and place it at the entrance to the business. 
  • At the end of the registration process, your business will be added to the right of the "Interests" tab. For example, Cinemas Ltd. The QR code can be found under the business' name.
    The business' details can be edited in the right menu. Each edit requires a new QR code. 

  • Customers can scan the QR code to know what the local gathering restrictions are and whether your business complies with Green Pass requirements.