Physical Activity

Physical activity improves our health, maintains and reinforces our muscles and bones, improves our mood, and helps relieve stress. Whether done at home during isolation or outdoors, it is important to make use of the benefits of physical exercise.

Move Your Body

5 simple ways to add a physical activity during the coronavirus routine:

  • Adding up the minutes – the recommended physical activity quota is 150 minutes per week for adults and 60 minutes per day for children.
  • Every activity counts and adds up – sport-related games, walking from one place to another, and activities with the family are all examples of sport-related activities that indeed count and are "added up" as part of your recommended daily physical activity quota.
  • Relieving stress – someone at home begins to develop signs of stress, anxiety, or depression? It is important to allow them to do some physical activity and encourage them to do so. Such a form of activity could be beneficial and significantly lower relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Keeping fresh during school – plan ahead and set aside time for you and your children for physical activity between Zoom sessions, whether at home or outdoors. Bonus: Physical activity promotes success in school.
  • Addiction Prevention – A rule of thumb for life: Whenever you feel like a cigarette or alcohol, it's time for a refreshing physical activity. Sports help to reduce such addictive behaviors as the consumption of tobacco products, alcohol, and drugs.

Some Cool Ideas for Such Activities


  • Home Physical Activity - Presentation with a wide variety of physical activities: Aerobics, strength, stretch, and relaxation
  • Classic Games – 60 ideas for being active with the children even at home
  • Fruits and Vegetable – Spread pictures of fruits and vegetables or fruits and vegetables from plastic throughout the room and hand out baskets to the participants. The goal is to collect as many fruits and vegetables under a time limit. Collecting fruits and vegetables is to be done in various manners: Jumping on the right leg, frog leaps, sprinting, crabwalk, and so on.


Older Adults