Nobody likes isolating but in certain cases this is the only way to protect those dearest to you and to avoid infecting others

Isolation for Non-Israeli Confirmed COVID Cases

Who needs to isolate?

Those who received a positive COVID-19 test – a PCR or a fast test (antigen test) - Must go into isolation for confirmed COVID-19 cases and follow the isolation guidance for confirmed cases.

Isolation Guidance for Confirmed COVID-19 Cases >

For further information and a certificate of recovery contact “Kol HaBriut” call center – Tel. *5400, or BikuRofe company – Tel. *6101.


Isolation accommodation

Stay in isolation where you can follow the home isolation requirements. You can even stay in isolation in a hotel room if the guidance are followed.

For further information for Non Israeli confirmed COVID-19 cases regarding the place of isolation please contact the Tourism Ministry’s emergency call center, Tel. 050-6214239

Guidance for Home Isolation >



You are not required to report your isolation to the Ministry of Health.

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