Nobody likes isolating but in certain cases this is the only way to protect those dearest to you and to avoid infecting others

Isolation of International Travelers in Israel

Who needs to go into isolation?

Anyone arriving in Israel from abroad must go into isolation.


You are not required to report your self-isolation to the Ministry of Health.

Isolation Duration

Duration of isolation is determined according to the country you arrived from and if you are vaccinated or recovering from the disease.

Vaccinated people and those, recovering from the disease that did not reside in a red country in the last 14 days will be allowed to enter short isolation only.

  • Short isolation – lasts for 24 hours or until you receive a negative result on the test that you will take upon arrival in the airport in Israel – whichever is earlier.
  • Full isolation – lasts for 14 days. You have the option to have your isolation reduced by taking a test starting from the 5th day (the day of last contact with the confirmed COVID-19 patient is the 1st day of isolation), on the condition that you meet all the terms and conditions for isolation reduction.

Isolation Site

  • Those who stayed in a country on the red list in the last 14 days, will stay in home isolation, on the condition that they agree for technological surveillance (consent to tracking). Travelers who will refuse to give their consent to technological surveillance will stay in a managed isolation facility.
  • Those who stayed in a country on the yellow or orange list, will stay in home isolation.

Full information on the isolation requirement for travelers arriving in Israel from abroad

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