Nobody likes isolating but in certain cases this is the only way to protect those dearest to you and to avoid infecting others

Isolation Benefit for Workers

When am I eligible for the isolation benefit?

If you were absent from work because you were in isolation following an individual guidance from the Healthcare System, you are eligible for isolation benefit from your employer for these days, from which a certain number of sick days will be deducted, according to the calculation formula provided by law. For the exact calculation, you should contact your work place.

Isolation benefits are no longer applicable to those who accompany a confirmed COVID-19 case who cannot stay in isolation alone (for example, a parent accompanying a child who has been verified with COVID-19). As with any other illness, you can ask for sick pay.


What are the conditions for receiving isolation benefit?

  1. You were absent from work due to staying in isolation.
  2. You stayed in isolation and you weren't sick (confirmed patients receive regular sickness benefit)
  3. Your reported your isolation to the Ministry of Health (either by filling out the online form or by calling the Ministry of Health's calling service at *5400). Please note: The report must be made within 4 days of the beginning of isolation (if the report was made more than 4 days after, the period for which the isolation benefit will be calculated will only begin 4 days before the report date).
  4. The Ministry of Health has provided you with a certificate for your employer, attesting that the report of your isolation has been received.

Those who reported going to isolation by online form and provided their email address, will receive the certificate to the employer to this address immediately.

Those who reported going to isolation by the Ministry of Health's calling service (*5400) will receive the certificate to the employer to the email address or the fax number that they provided.

After receiving the certificate from the Ministry of Health, it is your responsibility to deliver it to your employer.

Did you report your isolation and you did not receive the certificate for your employer? After your isolation is over, you should fill out the application form for reference of isolation.


Isolation benefit for unvaccinated or non-infected individuals

Those who are neither vaccinated nor infected and who were ordered to isolate will receive 75% the full isolation benefit.

This deduction will not apply to those who have been vaccinated but their vaccination status has yet to take effect:

  • Those vaccinated with one dose and 30 days have not yet passed since vaccination.
  • Those vaccinated with two or three doses and 7 days have not yet passed (14 days in case of the Moderna vaccine).

Furthermore, this deduction will not apply to:

  • Underage employees
  • Those who presented their employer with a medical certificate attesting to their status as people with a contraindication to vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine, or that the Ministry of Health does not advise them to vaccinate.
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