Breaking the Chain of Infection

Breaking the chains of infection is a primary and essential component in reducing infection rate. Treatment includes testing, contact tracing, and regulating isolation.

Expanding Regulation to Break the Chain of Infection

The scope of the second coronavirus surge in Israel has led to the significant expansion of regulatory tems to break the infection chain. The IDF system stepped forward to carry out the operation and made a huge step forward in the systems for treating the chain of infection. Under the Home Front Command's leadership, the "Auxiliary Command Center for Breaking the Chain of Infection" was created within the IDF. This command center is responsible for: handling requests for testing and referral to testing, expanding sample collecting capacities, transporting the samples to laboratories, establishing an interrogation protocol, referring first degree contacts to testing, referring contacts to home isolation, managing the isolation motels, and enforcing the isolation policy.

Additionally, the main roundtable was established with participation from representatives from all centers, ensembles and teams, emergency organizations, and the Ministry of Health (the regulator) with a view to creating a complete cycle. This resolution has increased the existing investigation system by about 1,000 additional investigators, significantly assisting in reducing current gaps in the chain and responding to all needs in determining time constants while using computing and interrogation capacities.

How does HaMagen application assist in breaking the chain of infection?

Activating Bluetooth: If you activate Bluetooth services on your phone device, the HaMagen application can trace points of proximity between mobile phone devices. If you were in proximity with a confirmed coronavirus patient on whose phone device the application was installed, we could cross-reference the information against your data.

Route sharing: Application users have the option to assist the contact tracing process should they test positive for coronavirus. It should be mentioned that information is only shared with the users' express permission. A link will first be sent to the user for allowing the information to be shared, and only then will the information be shared. The information will be collected by the application, by Bluetooth service (if activated), and by a conversation over the phone with the responsible contact tracer. The personal information will remain confidential, and only data about public locations where there is a danger of infecting other people will be published.

HaMagen application is available in five languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian, and Amharic.

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