Coping and a Healthy Routine

During these times of personal and national coping with coronavirus, it is very important to maintain physical and mental health. It is recommended that we look at this situation as an opportunity to take care of ourselves, relax and rest, eat healthily, smokeless, exercise more, and enrich ourselves with new knowledge.

Maintaining Physical and Mental Health

10 successful ways to help cope with feelings of concern and anxiety

  • Sharing – You should not remain alone with your feelings and your thoughts. Sharing with others is mental health. However, for young children, the parents are always their "mighty rock," Therefore, it is important to maintain an optimistic and calm façade in their presence.
  • Perspective – Even if you feel that you are in a very difficult emotional state, despair not. Coping always comes in the form of a wave: Difficulty increases at first, and then it starts decreasing. It is important to keep things in perspective: These feelings will pass.
  • We will go through this together – None of us is alone! All of humankind is in the same situation, and we will all go through this together.
  • Hope – The coronavirus pandemic will pass just as quickly as it appeared, and nearly all of us will emerge alive and well after it will pass.
  • Routine – You should create a regular daily routine for yourself and your family as a new form of routine. Routine minimizes anxiety.
  • Nurturing Social Connections – Social connections are mental well-being, and now it is more important than ever to use all forms of electronic communications to reinforce them.
  • Physical Activity – It is very important to include physical activities in your routine. Every form of physical activity at home is wonderful and contributes to physical and mental well-being.
  • Time for Yourself – Now is the time to discover new interests, sign up for online courses, read, listen to lectures, watch online plays, listen to music, practice breathing, exercise relaxation, guided imagination, and mindfulness. There are many resources online. You should use them!
  • Limit your news consumption – You may want to start a "news diet." Increased consumption of news may increase anxiety.
  • Receive your updates from authorized and official sources - It is important to make sure that you receive reliable information and follow the Ministry of Health's guidance and not listen to whispered rumors around.

When to seek professional help?

Powerful emotional responses are a normal response to situations of significant crisis or stress. They generally tend to dissipate after several weeks. At this time, children and adults will resume regular and normal activities. If the emotional responses persist for more than two weeks or escalate and significantly impair children and parents' capacity to function, you may want to consider seeking professional help.

You may contact the hotline numbers of the HMOs for assistance and consultation in matters of mental health:
Clalit *2700 | Maccabi *3555 | Meuhedet *3833 | Leumit *507

And what about smoking during the coronavirus pandemic?

Stressful or tedious situations, such as those that we encounter more often during the coronavirus pandemic, may lead to increased smoking, which may lead the smoker to more extraordinary expenses, which may, in turn, increase mental stress. This is a kind of vicious cycle. Additionally, the inhalation of smoke or fumes into the lungs causes inflammatory responses, harms the respiratory system, the immune system, and additional systems.

Smoking constitutes a risk factor for infection and complications from coronavirus, both for smokers and those around them, with a special emphasis on young children who are with their parents at home for many hours during the day.

Are you having a hard time quitting? You're not alone!

The Ministry of Health offers you a personal guidance program by professional smoking rehabilitation specialists. The program is provided free of charge. Call the National Rehabilitation Hotline at *6800 or your insuring HMO today.

It's worth trying. Who knows? Maybe something good may yet come out of this coronavirus…