Time for a Healthy Diet

Nutrition has an effect on health that plays a major role during the coronavirus pandemic. Obesity, diabetes, and nutritional deficiencies compromise the body's immune ability and are linked with complications and death from coronavirus disease.

Healthy nutrition has a protective effect on the body – even during the coronavirus pandemic

Did you know that nutrition is directly linked with coronavirus disease?

  • Nutrition may serve as a protective factor from diseases, but it can also be the other way around – nutrition may also be the cause of diseases.
  • Diabetes, obesity, heart conditions, and certain types of cancer are some of the nutrition-related chronic conditions. They are caused by imbalanced nutrition, and they could be prevented by healthy nutrition.
  • Coronavirus disease is also affected by nutrition. How? Healthy nutrition contributes to resilience. Studies show that diabetes, obesity, and nutritional deficiencies constitute risk factors for being infected with coronavirus, complications from the disease, and mortality. The good news? There are things that can be done!

5 Guidelines for Healthy Nutrition For all Ages

  • Variety – The menu should be based on a variety of plant-based foods, including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, olive oil, nuts, and various seeds.
  • Home Cooking – By cooking at home, you could make sure that you're eating healthy and fresh. Use the green labels on the front of the packages – they indicate which foods are healthy for you.
  • Drinking Water – It is important to refrain from drinking soft drinks with sugar or sugar substitutes.
  • Regular Meals – You should keep regular meals and eat together with family members or friends. You really shouldn't be eating in front of the screens.
  • Ultra-Processed Food – Avoid ultra-processed food and products labeled with red labels.

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