What is a Vaccination Certificate?

A vaccination certificate is given to people who receive a second dose and will take effect one week after for six months. People who have the certificate are exempt of isolation, so it is recommended that you have it before international travel.

Vaccination Certificate

Who is eligible for a vaccination certificate?

Any person who receives both doses of the vaccine through the HMO or through any other accredited vaccination service, even if the two doses have been administered by two different vaccination service.

Limitation of the vaccination certificate

The certificate takes effect one week after receiving the second dose and expires after six months. The vaccine record can be issued as many times as you like, and its limitation shall remain the same. The vaccination certificate is a personal document, and cannot be transferred to another person. The certificate is valid only when presented together with identification documents (identity card, passport, driver's license).

How to apply for the vaccination certificate?

You can apply for a vaccination certificate cover the Traffic Light website, or through interactive voice response, through the HMOs, or the Ministry of Health Hotline. 

Apply for a vaccination certificate

Apply for a vaccination certificate over Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

People with a kosher phone or people who cannot apply for the certificate via the Traffic Light website can apply via the interactive voice response at 02-5082000.

At this stage, callers will be required to undergo a two-stage identification process:

  • Providing identification details: identity number and date of birth. The system will authenticate these data.
  • The system will call you back (to your contact telephone number that you gave the HMO).

If you are eligible to get the certificate, you will be required to enter a fax number in the callback, and the certificate will be sent to that fax number within a few hours. If you are not eligible for a certificate – the interactive voice response will notify you accordingly and end the call.  

The service is available in the following languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic, and Russian

Important: Interactive voice response services are only available from known phone numbers

FAQs about applying for documents

An example of a vaccination certificate

certificate     דוגמא לתעודת חיסון