Following the current surge of COVID-19, guidance for international travelers changes with global and domestic infection rates

Testing Travelers Leaving Israel

Where can you get tested before leaving Israel?

You can make an appointment for a PCR test for international travel in one of the approved hospitals that provide private COVID-19 testing or in any other approved facility that provides pre-flight testing.

What should you pay close attention to in the result document?

The laboratory will provide you with the PCR test result in English. You must make sure that the certificate includes:

  • your full name in English identical to the name printed in your passport
  • your passport number

Isolation after testing

If you tested for purposes of international travel, you are not required to go into isolation between taking a PCR test and leaving Israel, as long as you were not ordered to go into isolation for any other reason.

If your PCR test result is positive, you are required to go into isolation and to follow the guidance for confirmed patients. You will not be allowed to leave Israel until your recovery.

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